Jono Shields


Recently I facilitated a Coding Course for Girls. It was hella fun and I really enjoyed it. I love being able to share my passion for coding with others, it’s especially exciting being able to give them their first taste of it.

One of the students came to me afterwards, they wanted to stay in touch so that they could ask questions and such.

I have been thinking back to some of my mentors over the years. What impacted me most wasn’t what they said but the way they said it. What struck a chord with me was the way that they acted and the way that they held themselves. It was this very personal aspect that helped to build the relationship and helped me grow.

I want to be able to help people and answer their questions remotely, but I don’t want to lose out the parts of the interaction that make it personal and memorable.

Small steps and iterate I guess…

I am starting with an online form that I can respond to, I can also post the answer that I give people on my website.

Are you a mentor or a mentee? What do you think matters most in this relationship?